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Characters in Street Fighter 6 – Updated Roster

Mike Oliver



Street Fighter 6 Characters

Street Fighter is regarded as one of the most popular video game series ever produced. One of the biggest media franchises with roots in Japan, the first Street Fighter game arrived at the arcades in 1987. Subsequent installments followed in 1991, 1995, 1997, 2008, 2016, and 2023. CAPCOM produced several spinoffs and co-productions along with the main series. 


The latest franchise installment, Street Fighter 6 (2023), carries forward the chronology after Street Fighter III. 18 characters form the base roster, with additional characters made available as downloadable options. The second season of the latest version features characters from the Fatal Fury series, which is a first-of-its-kind initiative. The different characters featured in Street Fighter 6 are:


Street Fighter 6 Characters


  • Ryu

Street Fighter 6 - Ryu

Having first appeared in the franchise since its inception, Ryu’s costume is changed in Street Fighter 6. He is now provided with a kasaya, a traditional robe worn by Buddhists. This attire is closer to his master Gouken’s looks. His fireball and uppercut techniques are maintained with his Shotokan playstyle. His special attack is Hashogeki. 

  • Ken

Street Fighter 6 - Ken

Ken first appeared in the franchise in Street Fighter (1987). He is shown as Ryu’s best friend and friendly rival. Another Shotokan, the character of Ken, has undergone significant development when reaching Street Fighter 6. He is portrayed as more violent than before. His command run now has the reputation of being a particular move. He now wears a tan coat and vest. He also wears a boot. Dragon punches and some new moves are given to Ken in Street Fighter 6.

  • Chun-Li

Street Fighter 6 - Chun-Li

The first appearance of Chun-Li in the franchise came in Street Fighter II. Chun-Li features in Street Fighter 6 as a much older woman. She is portrayed exquisitely. She is now the protector of Li-Fen, who was a victim of the Black Moon incident. After quitting her job as an ICPO agent, she now runs Kung fu classes. Her reliance on long-range moves and Kikoken projectiles is maintained. As a new addition, she is introduced to a particular stance. 

  • Guile

Street Fighter 6 - Guile

Guile, or Major Guile, initially appeared in the 1991 version of Street Fighter II and has been featured ever since. He is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. His playstyle is called Zoning. Guile is seen wearing a blue jumpsuit, indicating that he is still a part of the U.S. Air Force. In Street Fighter V, he mentored Luke for a while. Their relationship is expected to grow in Street Fighter 6. His special moves include Sonic Boom and Flash Kick. 

  • Blanka

Street Fighter 6 - Blanka

Blanka or Jimmy was initially featured in the franchise in Street Fighter II. After a plane crash in Brazil, Jimmy mutated into Blanka, having a green color and the ability to generate electricity. His original stage, with a giant tree and a snake, is brought back in Street Fighter 6. His playstyle is called Rush Down. In Street Fighter 6, he can throw Blank-chan dolls into the ground and charge them. 

  • Dhalsim

Street Fighter 6 - Dhalsim

Dhalsim also made his initial entry into the franchise in Street Fighter II. He only joins the fight to raise money for his village. He is also called a ‘long-arm’ following his ability to stretch limbs. This ability and fire projectiles are kept as his powers in Street Fighter 6. His playstyle is called zoner, which makes him an easy choice with his abilities. 

  • Dee Jay

Street Fighter 6 - Dee Jay

Dee Jay entered the franchise through a spinoff called Super Street Fighter II (1993). Based initially on real-life kickboxer Billy Blanks, Dee Jay is portrayed as a Jamaican kickboxer. His playstyle is mid-range. His new move is called Jus Cool, a type of lunge with additional follow-ups. He is given a bright and colorful outfit that matches his vibe. He is swift and damages the opponent by boxing them into a corner. 

  • Zangief

Street Fighter 6 - Zangief

Zangief, or the Red Cyclone, initially appeared in the franchise in Street Fighter II (1991). His attire is changed to trousers from full-length pants. The character is portrayed as immensely powerful, with strong grabbing power. He is given additional strengths and moves in Street Fighter 6. An ax kick and drop kick are among these that have the potential to knock down opponents. A drive rush might follow after a knockdown, where the character can grab the opponent with immense force.

  • Cammy

Street Fighter 6 - Cammy

Cammy initially appeared in the franchise in Super Street Fighter II. In Street Fighter 6, she is given a new haircut and attire. She now wears a new jacket and yoga pants. Her iconic move, the hooligan combination, is given new variations in Street Fighter 6.

  • Juri

Street Fighter 6 - Juri

Juri is the first Korean character to be introduced into the franchise in Street Fighter IV. She is a practitioner of Taekwondo. Her playstyle is mid-range, with kicks and fireballs as her significant moves. But in Street Fighter 6, her iconic flying dive kick is rebooted, making her an excellent choice for gamers. 

  • Luke

Street Fighter 6 - Luke

The first introduction of Luke came in Street Fighter V. There were rumors that Luke could be the franchise’s future. His role as the initial mentor in Street Fighter 6 suggested the same for many viewers. Originally an M.M.A. fighter with army history, he joined as a street fighter to honor his father. As a character in Street Fighter 6, he plays the role of a contractor and works for a private military company. 

  • Jamie

Street Fighter 6 - Jamie

Jamie is the newcomer introduced in Street Fighter 6. Yun and Yang, two famous fighters from Street Fighter III, are identified as the inspiration behind Jamie’s creation. He follows what is called the drunken fist-fighting style, where he uses his drink to arm himself with more options in a fight. So, more than the move, managing the amount of his drink will be tricky for gamers. 

  • Kimberley 

Street Fighter 6 - Kimberly

Kimberley is Guy’s disciple, a character in Street Fighter Alpha and Final Fight. She is a trained ninja with the ability to teleport. She is designed as having a pop-culture influence and carries cassettes with 80’s music.

  • Manon

Street Fighter 6 - Manon

Manon is introduced as a supermodel with the ability to fight in Street Fighter 6. Her playstyle is that of the grappler, where she uses her long limbs to cause immense damage to her opponents. She is beauty and strength combined.   

  • Marisa

Street Fighter 6 - Marisa

Marisa, or Marisa Rossetti, is a female giant comparable to Zangief. She also uses the grappler playstyle and loves to crush her opponents into the ground. Her main inspiration is her ancestors, who used to fight at the Colosseum. The character is understood to be bisexual and has deep bonds with both Manon and Zangief.

  • JP

Street Fighter 6 - JP

JP is a mysterious character in Street Fighter 6. He is portrayed as the head of an N.G.O. Terra Network Partners. But he is seen as the main villain in Street Fighter 6. He is supposedly the leader of a terrorist organization called Amnesia. In the later part of the game, his identity as a finance officer for Shadaloo, the destroyed crime syndicate, is revealed. 

  • Lily

Street Fighter 6 - Lily

Lily hails from the same tribe as T. Hawk, one of the legendary characters in Street Fighter Franchise. She uses the grappler playstyle despite having a petite frame. She uses some of the same moves T. Hawk used- the Condor Spire and Condor Dive and also has the command grab as an additional move. 

  • E. Honda

Street Fighter 6 - E. Honda

Honda, or Edmond Honda, is an iconic sumo wrestler in the franchise. He had his first appearance in Street Fighter II. The character is famous for his titular move, the Hundred Hand Slap. An animation in Street Fighter 6 follows up this slap to stun the opponent. His attire is slightly changed, adding a new outfit to his conventional sumo clothes. His playstyle is deemed more reactive, with the character focusing on defensive positioning.

In addition to this base roster for characters, Street Fighter 6 features additional characters as part of the downloadable content over two seasons. They include


Season 1:


  1. Rashid—Rashid was initially introduced in Street Fighter V and hails from the Middle East. He is shown as tech-savvy and can generate tornadoes. He is followed by his teacher Azam, and investigates the activities of Amnesia.
  2. A.K.I.- She is of Chinese origin and is later revealed to be Phantom, a character introduced in Street Fighter V. She follows a snake kung fu style.
  3. Ed– Ed also made his debut in Street Fighter V. Ed has the ability to channel Psycho Power like Bison.
  4. Akuma– Akuma is identified as the younger brother of Gouken, Ryu’s master. He makes a number of appearance across the franchise.


Season 2:


  1. M. Bison-Also known as Vega, he is the franchise’s ultimate villain, and he also makes an appearance in Street Fighter 6.
  2. Terry– Terry Bogard is an American fighter from the Fatal Fury Series.
  3. Mai-Mai is a Japanese character and is also part of the Fatal Fury Series.
  4. Elena—Elene made her first appearance in the franchise in Street Fighter II and has appeared in other versions as well. She is portrayed as having deep connections with nature. She is from Kenya, and is the daughter of a Tribal leader.