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Goldfinch now holds an 80% stake in Vesta, and it cost them $125 million




With a buy-in of $125 million, venture capital firm Goldfinch Partners has become the majority stake holder of tech company Vesta. The latter has been a specialist in fraud protection and similar financial services for more than two decades, but has placed an increasing emphasis on digital solutions in recent times.

The acquisition will allow the company to expand into other markets

Vesta’s primary product is a fraud-protection platform that analyzes online transactions made by a wide array of customers in real-time and searches for potential risk factors. However, Vesta also provides a payment processing method for a large amount of businesses, and some of its many clients include companies such as Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Magento and many others. Prior to the acquisition, Vesta had expanded into the Asian market by opening an office in Singapore.

Ron Hynes, CEO of Vesta, was very optimistic about the opportunities that the investment will open up for the company. Speaking about the acquisition, Hynes said that one of his main goals as CEO has been to extend the company’s reach into other markets, something that will surely be easier given Goldfinch’s sizeable investment. Hynes also said that Goldfinch’s interest in the company affirms the importance of the kind of digital solutions that it provides to its clientele, and that the newly-acquired capital will speed up the company’s expansion efforts.