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Final nVidia GeForce GTX 465 Specs Are Out




There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that a third variant of Fermi is going to debut in early June. There is a significant amount of 40nm 512-core GF100 chips that didn’t perform well with one [GTX 480] or even two [GTX 470, Tesla C2050] SM units fused out. What to do with those chips? Just like in every case before Fermi [last one being 1600-core AMD Cypress chip and 1120 enabled cores on a 5830], you fuse out some more units until you get a manageable yield and manufacture a third variant. There were several rumors about the specifications of the GeForce GTX 465: firstly it was called GTX 460, then the specs varied from 320 to 384 cores, different memory bus etc. However, we managed to get a hold of final specifications for the reference part which actually is in mass production for quite some time.

Meet the GPU behind GeForce GTX 465: Five fused SM’s and 256-bit memory interface instead of 384-bit one

GeForce GTX 465 will feature an GF100 chip with five SM blocks fused off – thus, 352 cores are clocked at 1,215 MHz i.e. identical clock to the one on GTX 470 cards. The rest of GPU will tick at 607MHz [1,215.33MHz /2 = 607.66 MHz]. The GPU will connect to no less than eight GDDR5 chips for a grand total of 1,024MB of video memory, using a 256-bit memory controller [128-bits i.e. four memory controllers are fused off].

Given that the clock of memory is decreased to 801MHz QDR, i.e. identical to Tesla and Quadro, these 3.206 billion transfers per second [GT/s, “GHz” – we won’t go into GDDR vs. GQDR, what GDDR5 actually is] result in memory bandwidth of 102.6GB/s. When compared to elderly brothers, that is a 30% deficit to GTX 470 and a 75% deficit to GTX 480.

To make matters more interesting, the PCB itself is longer than GTX 470, yet shorter than GTX 480. As far as power consumption goes, our sources told us the board comes with two 6-pin power connectors, i.e. maximum TDP of 225W – just like GTX 470. However, the power consumption is significantly lower than GTX 470 and we believe the power connectors are there to get overclocking going.

The chip should be available in a good allocation at launch, and you can expect that the availability of GeForce GTX 465 will actually decrease over time or remain the same, as this is the same chip that goes in GTX 470/480/495, Quadro FX 3900/4900/5900 and Tesla C2050/2070. The 352-Shader part will also see a Quadro variant, but we won’t see as a Tesla.

This will be the most affordable Fermi-based card to date, priced at around $249 / €269.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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