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Epson hits new digital textile printing milestone in – Egypt




Epson hits new digital textile printing milestone

The endless pursuit of growth in an increasingly saturated industry previously pushed Epson into niches such as digital textile printing while simultaneously motivating stronger investments in emerging markets such as Africa. Put those two together and you get the Japanese conglomerate’s latest milestone – $1.2 million in Egyptian textile print sales generated over the course of the fiscal 2019.

A new blueprint for printing success

Shihab Ahmed, Epson Egypt Regional Sales Manager, revealed the new milestone amounts to 85 textile printer sales, a modest figure for a multinational conglomerate. Be that as it may, Epson’s Middle Eastern operations are still in their infancy, with its 2019 sales of textile printers in the region totaling 180 devices, meaning Egypt alone is responsible for nearly half of that achievement. What’s more, last year’s sales performance is still double those from the previous two years combined, which better illustrates the degree of Epson’s upward trajectory in the country.

Encouraged by this rising momentum, Epson’s Egyptian office is now hoping to maintain the same trajectory throughout the next fiscal year which is kicking off on April 1st. It plans to do so by doubling down on strategic partnerships with the Egyptian government, particularly the Ministry of the Public Enterprise Sector. Half of the aforementioned machinery sales are a direct result of that collaboration with Cairo officials, Ahmed confirmed. Hotel supplies and sportswear are currently the most

In more specific terms, the 2020 Red Dot Award winner is aiming to grow its local operations by another 15% over the following 12 months. Epson’s textile printing solutions in Egypt are currently primarily servicing the hospitality industry and sportswear manufacturers. Moving forward, the Japanese behemoth is also looking to increase its involvement with festival organizers and educational institutions, Ahmed announced.

Over the last three years, Epson sold 120 textile printers in Egypt, largely thanks to its exclusive certified distributor CMYK Print Solutions who already found some 1,200 clients across the country. Starting with the 2020 fiscal year, Epson is also looking to adopt a more tailor-made approach to the Middle East as it intends to fragmentize its local operations in order to better focus on four smaller markets: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the rest of the region.

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