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EIZO 4K Display Unboxing




We don’t normally like doing unboxings as they’re usually extremely boring and provide little to no real educational value. But after seeing the packaging and size of the 4K EIZO FDH3601 we simply could not help ourselves. What makes a monitor/display 4K? The fact that it delivers a resolution of 4096 x 2160 (that’s more than 4x 1080P) in a single display.

The EIZO 36″ 4K monitor is the same monitor you’ve been hearing other technology sites rant and rave about endlessly for the past year. This monitor has been jumping around from technology show to technology show and with EIZO’s help we’ve finally been able to nab ourselves an engineering sample of this monitor. Funny enough, this thing is so rare (and still unreleased) that even their own technical support guy was at a loss when we called to ask a question about the monitor.

Needless to say, this monitor is extremely impressive and the only thing about it that isn’t impressive is the ultra-minimalist mid-1990’s monitor look. Otherwise, this thing is huge (and we mean 60lbs huge) and awesome. Without further a do, here are the pictures from our unboxing.

Shipping weight for this whole package came in at 144 lbs, we’re not sure if that was the actual weight or if that was just because of it’s size (some shipping companies set a certain weight if a product is oversized).

Here’s the case with all of the wrapping torn off, as you can see, it looks like run of the mill concert audio equipment… not a monitor.

Finally, we cracked the case open (you need two people to take the top off) and finally got a glimpse of the monsterous monitor.

Here’s the little accessories compartment that EIZO has fashioned for the monitor.

The accessories, from left to right, are power cable, two DVI-D cables, one USB B 2.0 cable, and a DisplayPort cable.

This is the power supply for the monitor, seems pretty big, right? Think bigger.

Here’s the back of the PSU

Here’s the PSU side by side against a Thermaltake 500w PSU, notice that the EIZO PSU is twice as big.

Here are all of the monitor’s inputs, dual DisplayPort, dual DVI, USB and a calibration port.

And this is the power plug where the power supply screws into. Also, quite heavy duty.

And here we have it, set up next to our ASUS 23″ 1080P monitor.

Here’s a screenshot of us playing Battlefield 3 in 4K notice how tiny the text is and how high-quality the screenshot is.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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