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D-Link EXO Smart Mesh Routers launch in India




Exo Modem

D-Link launched its EXO Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router range in India. The latest addition to the industry behemoth’s portfolio consists of AI-infused devices offering high-speed, secure home connectivity. D-Link’s new routers are available in three iterations, featuring the firm’s in-house Wi-Fi Mesh technology and built-in antivirus protection from McAfee.

Meshing every modern router tech imaginable

The new product family from the Taiwanese corporation consists of the EXO AC1300, AC1900, and the AC2600, with all three models being Wi-Fi 5 devices designed to operate within contemporary smart home systems. What that means in practical terms is that support for voice commands is part of the package, courtesy of the series’ integration with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Much like their names suggest, these gadgets are primarily meant to operate in unison, i.e. mesh configurations. Compared to traditional one-router setups, mesh networks are more scalable and consistent due to the fact you can simply keep adding as many nodes to them as needed.

D-Link is quick to point out that its new EXO Series isn’t simply meant to be faster but also more secure than conventional alternatives. Every device is bundled with a multi-year subscription to McAfee Antivirus – for better or worse. Naturally, customizable automation capabilities are part of the feature list as well, together with remote control functionality, parental controls, user profiles, and the like. D-Link is specifically advertising this mesh router series as a gaming solution, though you wouldn’t be able to tell that just by looking at it – and that’s a good thing.

D-Link designed the EXO Smart Mesh Router family with scalability in mind, meaning the average user should be able to have the devices up and running in a matter of minutes. The lineup starts at Rs. 4,999 in India, which comes down to about $66. Prospective buyers in the country can get their hand on D-Link’s latest mesh networking solutions starting today.

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