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Radeon 5700 pricing revealed, end for HD4800 draws near?




There is no doubt that Radeon 5000 series is the strongest line-up in years. The company is preparing a massive attack on all market sides, as you can see from all the stories that are leaking out around the Internet.

But the story at hand does not concern the soon-to-be-launched Radeon 5800 series [we exclusively revealed Radeon 5800 series pricing here], but rather the mainstream part, based on the Juniper chip. The chip features same amount of shaders as the Radeon 4800, but comes with numerous performance enhancements that should separate it from the 4800 gang.

Radeon 5750 and 5770 are scheduled for launch around the official launch date of Windows 7 [give or take around October 22nd-23rd, depending on what continent you live on]. The prices are set at just 149 US Dollars for 5750, with 5870 being priced at 199.

And here comes the kicker – when AMD introduces ATI Radeon HD 5750 and Radeon HD 5770, all of Radeon HD 4800 series are getting “EOL” [End Of Life] marking, since they will be pitched at same price points [149 bracket has HD4870 and HD5750, 199 bracket has HD4890 and HD5770]. Bear in mind that some e-tailers in the USA might offer a MIR [Mail-In-Rebate], ranging anywhere between 5-15 USD.

These prices are for the US market, but our sources are telling us that the same scheme, but without any MIR schemes – is planned for EMEA market as well. Given the conversion rate adopted by ATI, you can expect HD5750 for 120 and HD5770 170 Euro. Yes, AMD is not applying the 1:1 conversion with the US Dollar, which was put into place when the company launched ATI Radeon HD 3000 series. All in all, it looks like AMD is poised to capture large amount of market share. We all remember what happened with nVidia and GeForce 6600 series – there is no or little doubt that the Radeon 5700 series has even better position, as it is tied to the launch of DirectX 11.

Fall and Winter 2009 look to be a dominating field for AMD and ATI and if the company has to turn a large profit with this series. We wonder how far will AMD stock go up, given that Radeon 5800 series and 5700 series are just the beginning of DirectX 11 era at AMD. Gotta handed to the guys, they are pulling a brilliant work with this launch.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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