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Intel Fakes DX11 Ultrabook Demo




UPDATE: We have been in contact with Intel regarding this story and have published an updated article regarding the ‘Fake Demo’ as they invited us to play the demo ourselves earlier today.

Intel’s Mooley Eden was the key speaker at today’s Intel CES 2012 press conference. During the press conference, Intel focused squarely on their ultrabooks and the developments that they were bringing to the marketplace as well as the innovations their partners were bringing as well. Mooley went through a few demos and one of them was a demo of Intel Ivy Bridge’s graphical capabilities. The game that Intel had decided to demo was a commonplace racing game by Codemasters called F1 2011. This game is without a doubt a very graphically intensive PC game and while Intel wished to display the graphical capabilities of their Sandy Bridge based Ultrabooks, they also displayed a gross distrust of their own demo.

Mooley got behind one of the Ultrabooks and set himself up behind a racing wheel. Upon doing so the demonstration appeared to hesitate and you could, for a split second, see that this was not actually the game itself but rather the game recorded on a different system which was then saved as a video file and played through VLC. So, yes, this laptop can  sort-of play full screen HD video through VLC, but no it cannot play F1 2011 smoothly.

If Intel really was confident in their graphical capabilities this wouldn’t have been an issue, but they knew that it was not likely to play at a reasonable frame rate for a good demo. Furthermore, Intel did not make any disclaimers saying that this was not a live demo, but rather a pre-recorded demo played during the ‘live demo’.

If you’d like to see Mooley Eden fake driving around the F1 car while basically watching a video of it, feel free to check out our YouTube video below.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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