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Exclusive: VIDEO Intel Lets Us Test DX11 on Ivy Bridge




Yesterday, we brought you an article detailing the fact that Intel had appeared to have fudged their very own demo during their press conference at this year’s CES 2012. The presenter, Mooley Eden, demonstrated the graphical capabilities of the Intel Ivy Bridge in DX11 by showing the crowd how he was playing Codemasters’ DX11 Formula 1 racing title F1 2011. The confusion that ensued resulted in many outlets, including ourselves to believe that the Ivy Bridge demo was a fake (a video) and that Intel was not confident in their GPU capabilities. The VLC video that they played instead was supposed to be a back up to the demo, not the demo itself. Mooley’s driving behind the wheel and acting as though he was controlling the game mislead many viewers including us.

Intel invited us this morning to come to their booth and take a look at the DX11 demo ourselves and to test it out first hand using the exact same system that Mooley Eden had been using. We unfortunately did not have the luxury to play it with a steering wheel like Mooley did, but it was definitely an interesting experience to be playing it in real time on an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook. We simply played F1 2011 on Medium settings with the display running at medium settings in DX11 mode. We played this game like we normally do, with a mouse and keyboard and had quite a bit of fun, to be honest.

We also got a chance to run the game in benchmark mode which runs the game with higher graphics and allows you to see the overall performance of the game on your system. The Intel representative would not let us run the game through til the end where the score showed itself simply because they aren’t quite finished optimizing Ivy Bridge yet and it would be unfair to show an unfinished benchmark. Overall, though, we did enjoy playing F1 2011 on this Ivy Bridge Ultrabook and it ran extremely smoothly without any dropped frames or lag at all.

If you’d like to see the Ivy Bridge demonstration for yourself, feel free to check out the video below.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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