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CES 2012 Shocker: Apple iPad 3 is iPad 3D!?




Stumbling around the Palazzo at night has its advantages and disadvantages. A deadly combination of desert air and alcohol causes a lot of interesting info to pop up. Such as details regarding the upcoming iPad 3 tablet featuring a glass-less 3D display.

While a lot of analysts have been writing about the doom and gloom of 3D, the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as “it’s either 2D or 3D.” The world is more complex than that and there are no reasons why a product would not carry both the 3D and 2D capabilities if there is an app ecosystem that supports it.

Thus, when we heard from multiple sources that “Apple is going 3D,” we inquired about the specifics of the iPad 3/3D display in question. The company plans to utilize SHARP 3D technology with the same factory being responsible for the screen in the iPad 3. Sorry, iPad 3D.

We were warned one thing, though – Apple does not want to make an imperfect product.

Our sources were adamant that, if Apple does not make an enjoyable 3D experience for the iPad 3, which is just going through its final design stages before the launch in the first half of this year, there is a fallback plan to go with iPad 3 first, carrying the same 3D-capable display without the autostereoscopic overlay, and then refresh the lineup with the iPad 3D (thus, no iPad 4 in 2013, but rather a 3G-3Gs and 4-4S sequence as iPad 3 then iPad 3D).
You thought 3D is dead? If your analyst said so, think about changing him or her.

3D is here to stay, so is the Apple iPad 3D.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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