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AMD Trounces Intel: Guinness Crowns Bulldozer as the Fastest X86 CPU




Before Intel’s annual conference, the IDF Fall 2011 even started, AMD staged a major coup – upcoming AMD’s FX-8150 processor received an official acknowledgement from the Guinness World Records for “Highest Frequency of a Computer Microprocessor”.

The place where the world’s fastest clocked microprocessor was born

AMD’s overclocking experts lead by Sammi “Macci” Makkinen, Brian “Chew” Maclachlan, Aaron Schradin, Pete Hardman and Simon Solotko – achieved a Guinness-certified world record with the upcoming FX-8150 series processor codenamed “Zambezi”. By combining Liquid Nitrogen with Liquid Helium, the fastest microchip ever now comes from AMD. By having Turbo Mode enabled with at least two cores running, Zambezi achieved 8.429 GHz, i.e. almost eight and a half G’s, soundly beating the previous champion, half a decade old Intel Celeron.

AMD’s Macci preparing the motherboard and the Liquid Nitrogen/Helium pot for yet another run at the record

In order to verify the results, AMD used more than 35 engineering samples of its Bulldozer-based processor and the official plaque is being presented to AMD by none other than Freddie Hoff, official adjudicator for Guinness World Record.

We checked the CPU Frequency scores and it turned out that by today, Intel held top 157 positions with just the two models, Celeron 300 LGA775 Series and the Pentium 4 641, also using the Socket LGA775. The first AMD processor, the Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition came in 158th place with 7,222 MHz.

More Liquid Nitrogen being added as the clocks passed 6GHz. Time for LiHe is almost here…

The record breaking FX-8150 processor is consisted out of eight processing cores, four shared mathematical units , 640KB of L1, 8MB of L2 and 8MB of L3 cache memory. Processor connects to the motherboard using HyperTransport links performing 5.2 billion transfers every second.

During overclocking session, processors were raised from their default clock of 3.60GHz with Turbo mode giving it additional 600MHz boost (4.20GHz) to massive 8.43GHz. Liquid Nitrogen was used for the first part of overclocking session, with Liquid Helium being added to increase the reaction and lower the temperature using Liquid Heliums unique lowest temperature of -269 degrees Celsius, i.e. -452 Farenheit. Naturally, with the CPU being clocked as high as 8.43GHz, the CPU temperature itself was around -225C i.e. 373 negative Farenheit.

With AMD, it looks that everything is falling into place around the Chinese lucky number 8, i.e. the vertical Mobius Strip – 8MB of L2, 8MB of L3 and now, 8GHz of achieved clock.

As it turns out, tonight’s party at the St. Regis San Francisco Hotel (without any doubt, the best hotel in San Fran) is bound to be the one most desired to gain entrance. After all, Russell Brand and Katy Perry live just few floors up from the party. Given that Russell is raising a lot of Olympic fuss in London, AMD is almost guaranteed to have the spotlight here in downtown San Francisco.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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