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AMD Teases New Dual GPU Card With #2betterthan1 Viral Ad




So, as I was walking out to a meeting today I ran into my UPS guy who consequentially had a package for me to sign for on my way out. This package was a large UPS envelope with a letter inside. That letter was inside of this envelope:

And inside of this envelope was this wonderful photo of myself from a few years ago and a piece of blank photo paper.

And on the back, it had this simple message in hashtag form, indicating that I should either look for tweets with this hashtag or tweet about it with this hashtag: #2BetterThan1 translating to 2 is better than 1, reinforcing the front side of the photo paper with my image and the above text saying, “Wouldn’t you agree that two is better than one?”

The package itself came from Edelman in Canada, which to me only really leaves AMD as an option for the source of this ‘viral’ teaser. And if this is really an AMD campaign, then it is clearly talking about a dual GPU card, most likely the rumored Vesuvius GPU which has been rumored over the past weeks. The rumored R9 290X2 card should probably launch sometime soon considering that we’ve got the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco next week, which we’ll be attending, as well as Nvidia’s own developer conference called GTC the week after that. If AMD wants to stir up excitement about this GPU, it should probably be before GDC leading up to a GDC announcement. But then again, they could be waiting until Nvidia does their GTC keynotes because Nvidia usually makes some pretty big announcements at their GPU Technology Conference (GTC) each year.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see and we’ll be sure to report on any other mysterious packages that we receive over the next few weeks.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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