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Volkswagen Introduces OTA Software Updates for All ID. Models




The new ACCELERATE strategy encompasses Volkswagen’s new direction in terms of designing and supporting their electric cars. In this case, all ID. models are involved, in a way where these cars will receive over-the-air updates, using cellular data. As indicated by the company, Volkswagen remains the pioneering brand providing this type of functionality for their cars.

Once the system is established, it is expected for their ID. vehicles to receive updates every 12 weeks, making sure that previous issues have been fixed, and that there are new features introduced. It does not stop there, as it is possible to optimize battery energy consumption or add features such as Travel Assist, all over software updates done to the vehicle.

Volkswagen Is Preparing for Long-Term Customer Support

Software updates are a critical part for electric cars as a lot of quirks can be fixed. We have gotten used to our smartphones receiving regular software updates that have an impact on our device’s security and feature set, and the same will be applied to electric cars rather soon. As stated by Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Board of Management for Technical Development:

“Software development is iterative and fast. We work in short cycles, like a tech company, and provide updates to our customers at correspondingly short intervals.”

Digital services are expected to be available to customers who have already gotten out of the lease, improving their overall experience, which is critical for future success. The cars receiving these updates will not only be up to date, rather better with each update iteration.