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Volkswagen is launching its ID.3 electric hatchback in June




Volkswagen appears to be one of the few car manufacturers whose production and launch dates haven’t been affected by the pandemic. The company announced that it will be proceeding with its planned launch of the ID.3, Volkswagen’s first electric vehicle, and will be rolling the model out in June.

The first set of the ID.3 units is already overbooked

The ID.3 is a fairly standard-looking hatchback with five seats and a design that reminds one of the VW Golf. The car will come in three different variations, labeled Pure, Pro and Pro S. The first will be able to travel 260 miles before charging and, despite being the entry-level version, will come with several appealing features such as LED headlights and tail-lights. The Pro version will be able to cover more distance, have greater acceleration and charge faster, while the Pro S will have the same features along with an improved design. The price oscillations between the versions will be roughly $5,000 from one model to the next.

The June launch comes with certain conditions, however. Only customers who have reserved the vehicle with an initial deposit will be able to purchase the car on June 17, and Volkswagen said that there are already 37,000 reservations for the first launch, exceeding the 30,000 unit limit that the initial launch will have. Keeping this in mind, it’s likely that the car won’t be commercially available until a while later, especially as it is so far confined to Europe, with plans to extend the electric to North America at an undetermined later date.