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Porsche unveils proprietary search platform for the brand’s used vehicles




Whereas most car manufacturers leave sales of their used cars to third parties, Porsche has a far more direct approach. October saw the company test out a program where it initially partnered with 26 of the 192 dealerships in the U.S. to help customers get their hands on both new and used models. Now, the company has made a step forward by announcing an online platform Porsche Finder that is meant to greatly simplify the search and purchase of the company’s cars.

Car dealerships are quite eager to be included in the online platform

Despite having just been launched, the platform already comes equipped with a robust set of features. Porsche Finder has multiple filters that allows users to include or exclude things like color, interior and packages as part of their search, along with the model itself. Once the prospective customer finds something to their liking, they are connected to the dealership that is in possession of the car.

Porsche Cars North America said that the project is just the first step in creating an online platform that covers all parts of buying a car. Eventually, the company aims to facilitate digital car purchases in a an all-encompassing manner, with things like paperwork also being handled by the platform. Although the partnership project started out with a relatively small amount of dealerships as participants, the pandemic has greatly increased the interest to use the platform among car dealers, and the company said that it plans to include a third of the U.S. Porsche dealerships in the program by the end of June.