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Dyson reveals the canceled electric car




Although Dyson canceled its electric car production back in October, interest in the seven-seater didn’t dwindle. Besides being a seven-seater, the car was also rumored to have various innovative features that have continued to pique the imagination of engineers and car enthusiasts. Now, Dyson has chosen to satisfy the people’s curiosity by revealing exactly how the car would have looked like and what would have separated it from other EVs, and the hype may have been justified.

The car would have been innovative, but too expensive for the manufacturer

In an interview with The Times, the manufacturer shared some of its innovative approach to the would-be model, dubbed N526 while it was being developed. Perhaps the most interesting takeaway is Dyson’s claim that the car would have enough charge for a 600-mile drive. This is a massive jump compared to currently available long-range EVs, such as the Model X which boasts a meager-in-comparison 314 miles in a single charge. The company attributes the increase in performance to its solid-state batteries, an upgrade over the ones commonly found in EVs.

Other details about the car reveal that it would be made largely from aluminum and clock in at 2.6 tons and have comparative acceleration and top speed. Despite this and many other appealing features, such as a futuristic-looking interior, the company was forced to cancel production due to costs. The primary reason behind the cancellation was that Dyson isn’t a car company and therefore can’t rely on sales of existing models until the new car breaks even.