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Can Huawei Electric Car Compete with Tesla?

Samuel Ting



Huawei DriveOne: A game changer in the automotive market

Huawei, the renowned global technology giant known for its groundbreaking innovations in telecommunications and consumer electronics, has ventured into the automotive industry with its latest product: Huawei Automotive DriveOne. This exciting new technology marks Huawei’s entry into the world of smart cars and automobiles with a new era of innovation. In this article, we explore DriveOne’s features, launch, and potential impact on the global automotive market.

Understanding DriveOne

DriveOne is an integrated electric driving system developed by Huawei that aims to change the way we see electric vehicles (EVs). This comprehensive system has several key features:

Electric Motor

At the center of the Huawei DriveOne system is a high-performance and efficient electric motor. It ensures smooth and powerful acceleration, enhances the overall driving experience and stimulates the development of EVs. 

Types of Motor Controller

This feature improves motor performance by providing precise control of speed and torque, resulting in better efficiency. 

Gear Reduction Unit

The cleaning system ensures that motor power is properly transferred to the wheels, resulting in overall efficiency and performance

Battery Management System (BMS)

Huawei’s BMS ensures the EV’s battery life and safety and performance under all conditions, giving you peace of mind.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) 

The PDU controls the distribution of electricity in the vehicle, ensuring that all systems function properly.

DC/DC converter

This feature converts the high voltage from the battery to the low voltage required by vehicle systems, improving efficiency.

On-board charger (OBC) .

OBC enables you to efficiently charge the car battery, and supports fast and accurate charging methods, so you’re always ready to hit the road

The launch of DriveOne

Huawei officially unveiled DriveOne at the 18th 2020 China International Industry Fair. This milestone launch demonstrated Huawei Automotive’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry, generating interest and demonstrating Huawei’s capabilities beyond smartphones and network design

Its impact on the automotive world

Huawei’s entry into the car market with DriveOne can have a detailed explanation:

Improved EV performance

DriveOne’s integrated system is designed to improve the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles. This could provide a powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly new generation of EVs, taking your driving experience to the next level.

Boost to EV acceptable

With Huawei’s reputation for high-end technology, DriveOne could help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles around the world. Improved performance and efficiency could convince more consumers to switch from traditional combustion vehicles to EVs, contributing to a greener future grade

Technological Advances

Huawei Automotive leverages telecommunications and electronics expertise in the potential for significant technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry Expect features such as improved connectivity, autonomous driving and the advanced infotainment system will be standard on DriveOne-equipped vehicles, making your driving experience smarter and more enjoyable.

Market competition

Huawei Automotive’s entry into the automotive market as a formidable competitor could encourage other manufacturers to innovate and improve their product offerings. This healthy competition can lead to better products and services for customers like you, giving you more options and moving the business forward

Sustainable global development

While DriveOne promotes the use of electric vehicles, it also contributes to global sustainability efforts. Less reliance on fossil fuels and reduced carbon emissions could help provide a cleaner, greener environment for all.

Huawei DriveOne Vs. Tesla Vs. BYD

Unlike traditional fuel vehicles, Chinese car companies later won glory for the country on the track of new energy electric vehicles. Through years of R&D investment and technical accumulation, China brands such as BYD and Geely have the technical ability to wrestle with top new energy vehicle companies such as Tesla.

BYD and Geely are relatively “old” Chinese car companies, but Huawei is a technology company that shines in the field of communication technology in the minds of Volkswagen, but it has also participated in the competition for market share in this popular market environment of new energy vehicles. Can Huawei’s DriveOne three-in-one motor be in Tesla Model and does BYD’s market hit and stand out?

Let’s take a look at the parameters of the DriveOne motor first. The peak power of the test line motor is 220KW, the peak speed: 17300r/min, and the motor design is small.

After compact oil discharge, the empty weight is only about 100KG, and it adopts an efficient liquid-cooled cooling method. Huawei DriveOne motor speed is between BYD 16000r/min and Tesla 19000r/min, power and Tesla 220KW is the same, which is lower than the 230KW of BYD 8-in-1 motor. In terms of parameters, the gap between the three motors is not big, Tesla’s speed is higher, and BYD’s power is greater. Overall, DriveOne motors are relatively balanced and the mainstream motors on the market have the ability to fight.

Tesla and BYD is also the 2 most popular electric cars sold in Malaysia, according to the JPJ announcement recently. Check here out for the Top 5 affordable luxury electric cars in Malaysia.

Comparison of Huawei Motor and BYD Motor

At present, Avita 11, Wenjie and other models are equipped with Huawei DriveOne motors. The long-term performance of Huawei motors is still waiting for long-term use by car owners for feedback. I hope that our domestic motors will live up to expectations and have excellent loading performance.

What might happen in the future

Huawei Automotive is poised for significant growth in the coming years. As the DriveOne continues to be refined and improved, we can expect advanced features and capabilities. Here are some potential improvements to look out for:

Independence of oneself

Using its expertise in AI and machine learning, Huawei Automotive has incorporated state-of-the-art autonomous driving features into DriveOne to move closer to fully self-driving cars.

Intelligent communication

With Huawei’s expertise in telecommunications, we could see highly connected cars that communicate seamlessly with smart home devices, provide real-time traffic updates and provide car-to-car connectivity a it goes forward

Expanded Partnerships

Collaborations with different automobile producers and tech corporations should similarly enhance DriveOne’s capabilities and speed up its adoption in one of a kind markets.


Huawei Automotive’s advent of DriveOne marks a first-rate turning point within the automobile enterprise. With their superior era and commitment to innovation, Huawei Automotive is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of transportation. As DriveOne keeps adapting, it holds the promise of creating electric powered cars extra efficient, connected, and accessible, paving the way for a sustainable and technologically advanced car landscape.

By harnessing the energy of DriveOne, Huawei Automotive is not just coming into the automotive marketplace; they’re using the future of mobility. The road beforehand is brimming with thrilling possibilities, and Huawei is nicely-positioned to steer the price in the direction of a wiser, greener, and extra connected world.