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Atmel Raps With Sir Mix-a-lot and Mouser on Twitter to Bring Geek to Rap




So, who remembers “Baby Got Back?” Well, if you don’t here’s a refresher, because the man responsible for it, Sir Mix-a-lot also happens to occasionally chime in with his thoughts on things tech. Especially considering that he’s actually an electrical engineer. So, it comes as no surprise that he ended up engaging in a Twitter Throw Back Thursday rap of his famous Baby Got Back song by the social media managers at Atmel, which sparked this awesome Twitter exchange that is too good for words.

The real amazing thing is that this guy is no joke when it comes to electrical engineering. Sure, his song may forever be remembered by most of us as that song about girls with big butts, but Sir Mix-a-lot has many talents, which include electrical engineering and laying down raps.

After this twitter exchange gained some momentum he actually followed up with another tweet of something he was recently working on. You can also see on his Instagram that he occasionally will sketch circuit diagrams on scap papers, which doesn’t sound like something you’d normally see from a rapper from the 90′s. Some (myself included) will argue that some of the best rap came from the 90s, but it is certainly clear that some of the best electrical engineering rappers definitely came from that era.

We hope that this brightened up your weekend, because we know that it added some voltage into ours.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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