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AMD to Only Bundle 8000 Copies of Battlefield 4 with R9-290X




While many of us have been soaking in the news of the new R7 and R9 series, we got a chance to talk to AMD and get some more details about their partnership with EA. Some of you may be familiar with the fact that AMD will be bundling their highest-end GPU, the R9-290X with Battlefield 4. AMD specifically stated that the bundle will be exclusively given to people who make a special pre-order of the AMD Radeon R9-290X.

But wait, there’s more. In order to get Battlefield 4, you will have to be one of the first 8000 people to pre-order the Battlefield 4 special edition of the R9-290X. Meaning that there’s a very strong chance that people that expected Battlefield 4 to be a part of the Never Settle Forever bundle may have to wait an indefinite period of time. While I personally am disappointed by this development, I really hope that AMD and EA are able to add Battlefield 4 to their Never Settle Forever Bundle, otherwise they are likely to have very many angry customers.

Keep in mind, that 8000 is going to be the number GLOBALLY, not for the US market alone. While it is likely that AMD will not sell 8000 of these cards with Battlefield 4 in the first week, there’s still a good chance that they could run out very quickly. Also, keep in mind that this bundle will be offered prior to the launch of the R9-290X and that it will likely only exist for a few weeks. After that point, we have no idea what AMD plans to do with EA and Battlefield 4 even though Battlefield 4 is AMD’s first Mantle title.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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