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AMD to Announce GPU Codenamed Hawaii in Hawaii Sept 25




AMD Hawaii

We just got confirmation that AMD will be announcing their latest GPU codenamed Hawaii. The event will be scheduled during the week of September 23rd, and there will be a live streamed public event on the 25th that will introduce AMD’s new flagship GPU to the world. Some details will be saved for a later date, however, AMD is planning to make an event out of this with some interesting details that include aircraft carriers and some more sneak previews of Battlefield 4.

Let’s remember that Battlefield 4 is coming out soon

And it looks like AMD’s new Hawaii GPU is probably going to be the GPU that it will bundle with. The timing is great for AMD since they’ll likely officially launch the GPU and start selling them sometime in early October.

The latest high-res screenshot of Battlefield 4

AMD will be flying press out for this event and there will be a lot of coverage. While most details about Hawaii are mainly rumors, we can’t confirm anything beyond what we know about next month’s event and AMD’s plans to make this an epic event. AMD is clearly gunning to compete with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan and we’ll see if AMD can deliver us a single GPU solution that can compete with Nvidia’s own $1000 GPU.

Also, today’s announcement that AMD would be dropping the price of the Radeon HD 7900 below $799 clearly indicates that they are trying to move stock before they launch Hawaii. This is also on the heels of their new Frame Pacing tool which improves the quality of gaming for dual GPU cards like the HD 7990

This should quell some rumors that AMD’s Hawaii announcement in September would be shown as a professional card first and a consumer card second. Considering AMD’s track record such a rumor appears to be complete and utter bunk. Nevertheless, this card has been in the works for quite some time and AMD’s own Raja Koduri will be on hand to help demonstrate the new GPU to members of the press, hopefully showing his own involvement in the new GPU. With the new/old people that AMD has brought on, we really hope that the company can give Nvidia some real competition to help drive GPU prices down, and performance up.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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