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AKG N400 earbuds announced as latest AirPods Pro killers




Samsung AKG AirPods killer

AKG Acoustics, the Austrian subsidiary of Samsung-owned Harman, today announced its latest pair of wireless earbuds called the N400. Touted as an all-around premium audio experience, the gadget has an MSRP of just under $200, thus being some 20% more affordable than the product to beat – Apple’s AirPods Pro. That’s no mean feat seeing how AKG packed the N400 with a plethora of features, ultimately delivering a rather attractive proposition to anyone looking for a new pair of wireless headphones in 2020.

AKG puts out a feature list like no other

Between 8.2mm drivers, water resistance, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, active noise cancellation, support for every major artificial intelligence assistant out there, and up to six hours of battery life, the AKG N400 are essentially everything we were hoping the recently announced Galaxy Buds+ would be. Alas, that superior feature list comes with a steeper price tag.

Context is everything, however, and the context tells us we should be comparing the AKG N400 to the likes of the AirPods Pro instead of Samsung’s weak attempts at copying that formula. The Korean company may have gained ownership of AKG via its 2017 purchase of Harman, but 70 years of audio engineering excellence isn’t something you can just integrate overnight. In effect, AKG continues to put out wearables that put its parent’s products to shame.

The AKG N400 will soon become available for purchase in South Korea, with more countries being expected to follow in the coming months. The U.S. and EU release dates of the device remain unknown, though chances are we’ll get our first chance to purchase these high-end earbuds no later than June.

AKG N400 wireless earbuds

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