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New 12-pin connectors for Nvidia’s power-hungry Ampere GPUs




12 pin connector Nvidia

After running the recent rumors through its contacts who formerly worked for Nvidia, popular site Gamers Nexus confirmed that the upcoming Ampere GPUs will come with a new 12-pin connector. Not all of them, though.

Nvidia’s new, larger connector, able to deliver up to a whopping 600W to the GPU, will probably show up on reference PCBs. They don’t expect it to hit retail, though, so, DIY enthusiasts will keep using two-cable combinations for the more power-hungry GPUs.

But, there’s an issue…

The problem is that the mere existence of a power connector designed to provide more power to the GPU is a hint towards the future. Why make such a connector in the first place if what we already have is more than enough?

In other words, even if it doesn’t “become a thing” with their upcoming Ampere GPUs, a 12-pin connector indicates that many people could also need a new PSU with their next GPU upgrade.

Just when you thought your brand new PSU would be the last thing you’d replace down the road.

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